Judaism teaches that the elderly be held in the highest regard. That they are worthy of special treatment. It is the responsibility of the Jewish family to support its parents and other elderly relatives. As a caring Jewish community, we can meet that responsibility together. All you need is L.O.V.E.

L.O.V.E. (League Offering Volunteers for the Elderly) was formed in 1971, originally to provide programs and activities for the Residents of the Dr. Philip Sher Home in Omaha. Today, L.O.V.E. continues to bloom at the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home.

If you have an interest in giving the precious gift of your time, consider becoming a L.O.V.E. volunteer. Volunteers of all abilities and talents are most welcome. We encourage you to interact with Residents by reading newspapers to them or by helping at Bingo, poker games and other activities. Our volunteer program provides opportunities for any schedule. We are proud of the many volunteers who add quality to the lives of our Residents in almost every area of the Home.

For more information contact:

Sabine Strong
Volunteer Coordinator