Star Deli

The Star Deli is the baby of Mike Silverman and Josh Gurock, ex-New Yorkers who dreamed of recreating the garlicky aromas and raucous atmosphere of the Lower East Side eateries they enjoyed as kids. After extensive research (and countless calls to their mothers) the duo amassed a slew of authentic recipes for awesome, New York-style deli food. Assisted by Chef Mike Aparo, Director of Food Services, the Star Deli was born in July of 2010. Located in the Main Street Auditorium at the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home, 323 South 132 Street, Omaha, NE, the deli attracts ever growing numbers of enthusiastic fans.

Every Friday the Star Deli dishes up (among other delights) overstuffed corn beef, pastrami and smoked turkey sandwiches, matzah ball and kreplach soup, salad platters, Dr. Brown's Assorted Sodas, plus toothsome desserts and weekly specials like Prime Rib, Chicken Pot Pie, Smoked Brisket and Chili with Corn Bread. The Friday Deli is a popular lunch destination for chow hounds who enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and the kibitzing factor. When time is limited, you can order your meal to-go, a big plus for people who have short lunch breaks. We also sell our delectable glatt Kosher meats by the pound during the Friday Deli. Place your order while you eat lunch and we'll have the meat packaged and ready to-go when you're done. The Deli welcomes everyone in the Jewish community and the larger Omaha area community to join us for lunch.

Finally. The Star Deli is happy to host special occasions and will reserve private dining spaces in the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home for large groups.

For more information on how Star Deli can add spice to your meetings, parties and life cycle events, please contact Chef Mike Aparo at 402-334-6522.

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The Star Deli Catering is overseen by the Vaad Hakashrut of the Jewish Federation of Omaha. View Certificate