Respite Care

For many individuals involved in caring for a spouse, parent or loved one, time is precious. Caring for others can become all-encompassing and leave little time to care for oneself. Taking advantage of Respite Care available at the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home may be just what is needed.

Respite Care -- the temporary placement of a loved one in our skilled nursing facility for short periods -- gives family caregivers time for much needed rest and relaxation, while providing the comfort of knowing a loved one with disabilities is in the appropriate hands.

The Blumkin Home’s trusted service providers understand family and individual needs. Under the watchful eye of our licensed, professional staff, your loved one receives a balanced nutritional diet, access to different daily programs, activities and socialization 24 hours a day.

If you would like to find out more about Respite Care service, please contact:

Erika Lucoff