Alzheimer's | Dementia Care

If your loved one has received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia-related illness, we’re able to provide physical care, a sense of safety and trust, and days filled with meaningful experiences. Our specially trained staff will meet the individual interests of each Resident, offering activities and programs created specifically with your loved one’s needs in mind.
The special design of this secure Neighborhood allows the Residents freedom within the environment while adding an extra measure of staff supervision.

Special features include

  • Both internal and external wandering loops with a secure garden
  • A sunroom overlooking Boys Town and our Campus entrance
  • Two comfortable lounges with 65” and 42” televisions sets
  • A small dining room designed to offer a more intimate dining experience

All RBJH Neighborhoods include Resident bedrooms with bathroom, plus a sunroom, intimate dining room, TV lounges, a temperature controlled Jacuzzi spa tub, housekeeping and laundry service, several activities areas and public restrooms. All four Blumkin Home Neighborhoods also include a nurse’s station, consultation room and locked storage room for medication.

For more information on our secure unit, please contact:


Erika Lucoff


Shelly Fox