The days when old folks sat in rockers and did nothing are gone, at least here at the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home. At the RBJH there's always something to do, and varied activities for Residents are offered during both the day and evening.

These activities may include weekly Sing-a-longs, movies and other entertainment; various arts and crafts including ceramics; music therapy; exercise classes; gardening; special events and celebrations. Programs at the Home are designed for large or small groups and one-on-one. Activities are adapted to meet Resident tastes and care needs. Resident Council provides suggestions regarding programming desires and general resident life.

Our activities staff makes sure Residents' days are as comfortable and interesting as possible. Rest assured. There is always something exciting happening at the Blumkin Home to keep Residents stimulated.

For more information on Resident activities contact:

Maggie Conti
Director of Activities