History of the Home:

Health Care for the Jewish Elderly in Omaha.
Then and Now

The Rose Blumkin Jewish Home, like the entire Omaha Jewish community, has a proud history. The first facility for the aged, which housed five residents, opened in 1916. This facility was replaced by the 45-bed Dr. Philip Sher Home for the Aged which opened its doors to thirty-five Residents in 1946. The Sher Home served the community well until 1982, when it was replaced by the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home located on the campus of the Omaha Jewish Community Center at 323 South 132 Street.

The RBJH carries the name of the late philanthropist, Rose Blumkin. The generosity of “Mrs. B” and her family also figured prominently in the Home’s 1987 expansion and in the 2006 New Beginning Campaign. Today, the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home represents the gold standard in Heath Care environments for the elderly -- with emphasis on the word care. The institutional feel of the past has been replaced by enhanced amenities, residential features and a streamlined health care delivery system that benefits the Residents who live here as well as the staff who work here. 

We invite you to become a part of the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home family. If you have questions, we’re always available to answer them. We look forward to hearing from you.